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Ethical Fashion

At The Label Australia, we support finding new and innovative ways to change sustainability in the fashion community and represent an approach to the design, sourcing, and manufacture of clothing with maximising benefits to the people and communities whilst minimising the impact on the environment. 

We plan to campaign with and for these organisations that are at the forefront of combatting the social effects that are prevalent in the fashion industry, to expand and grow the education and awareness of these social effects from the industry.

  • Environmental Degradation
  • Child Labour
  • Low Wages
  • Health and Safety Risks
  • Animal Cruelty


Stop the Traffik - People shouldn't be bought and sold.

Human Trafficking in the Fashion Industry


Baptist World Aid Australia - Behind the Barcode

Shop ethical and fight to end worker exploitation.


In today’s world sustainability must underpin the future of our sector and we need support to integrate this within current businesses. Ethical fashion starts with you.


We are also in the process of creating a recycling program for swimwear to reduce the amount of textiles end up in landfill.

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