Ollie + Me Collective

Ollie + Me Collective

Luxury Soap Whip Flavours

Bubble Babe (rainbow) * best seller

A true bubblegum blend with hints of strawberry + citrus. Surprisingly delicious!  

Coco Lime (green) *limited edition

Everyone's favourite go-to blend of creamy coconut milk + zesty lime with a touch of vanilla + mandarin. 

Cocolatte Scrub (cream with gold shimmer + coconut shell)

For the coffee lovers! This flavour is reminiscent of a freshly made vanilla latte. Strong yet sweet with ground coconut shell for a gentle scrub. 

Hey Handsome (green)

Spoil him with a replica of the popular cologne ‘One Million’ by Paco Rabanne. You will love this confident + masculine scent! 

Pomegranate Champagne (pink)

A lush blend of tropical pomegranate + sweet bubbly champers. Cheers!  

Sex on the Beach (pink) *limited edition

Smells like summer! A true to life rendition of the classic cocktail with fresh pineapple, cranberry + orange with notes of peach schnapps + vodka. This one is to die for! 

Tahitian Vanilla (white)

A soft vanilla scent with a subtle hint of island coconut cream + vanilla bean. Sweet + smooth! 

Vanilla Sky (yellow) *limited edition

Your favourite candle flavour is now available in our Luxury Soap Whips! A vivid blend of delicious vanilla bean + creamy caramel. It's so good you will want to eat it!


Skin Smoothie Flavours

Golden Dream

The most creamy + delicious mix of vanilla bean, buttermilk + sweet caramel blended with fresh whipped cream and a subtle hint of toasted coconut...this description really does NOT do this flavour justice! If you love our vanilla sky scent, then the golden dream is the one for you..

Jungle Glow

The ever so popular 'monkey fart' scent is now available at Ollie + Me Collective as jungle glow! This vibrant flavour is a sweet citrus blend that begins with a subtle base of vanilla, then layered with fresh kiwi fruit, mango + bubblegum, finished off with top notes of grapefruit, banana + fresh strawberries...delish.

Rise + Shine

The essence of summer... A tropical blend of fresh passionfruit + sweet mango blended with pawpaw, peach, mandarin and a light hint of green apple + jasmine. It doesn't stop there..it wouldn't be summer without a hint of whipped coconut cream to top it right off! We know you'll love this flavour as much as we do.

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