The Label was established when creative minds collided at Bond University. Jarrah Boyce and Kayla Crane both had ideas to dominate the worldwide market in the swimwear industry. We met at Bond University where we were forced to be friends as we attended the same business classes together and always seemed to sit next to each other. At the time, we were both completing our bachelor of business degrees and bonded over our love of growing up on the Gold Coast and its amazing beach culture, and our love for bikinis and fashion. Being that Bond University has a very large international cohort of students, it was nice to find local students that also grew up on the same beaches and in the same neighborhoods. 

When we first met, Kayla had this idea about creating a community and platform for Australian only fashion designers; unfortunately the conversations never really furthered anymore than just that at the time. It was just a love affair that we were having with the idea. In the beginning, it was innocent enough; we thought it was just a one-off thing.

While going through our entrepreneur classes together (and trawling every bikini designer that we loved) I came across a hole in the market where there was no community for swimwear. And to shop for swimwear, you would have to go to each individual website.

So I approached Kayla about combing our two worlds together, creating a platform and community of swimwear industry businesses from Australian designers and creatives, welcome to The Label Australia. But it turned into more than that, and before we knew it, we got caught up in it all and now it’s just a full-blown relationship that we just can’t seem to end.

But don’t just think of us as another online boutique to go shopping. We are also creating a community, a one-stop shop swimwear, and bikini digital lifestyle haven, by bringing together the best of Australian designers and creatives around bikinis.

We want to create a healthy competitive environment where we can bring together designers that can collaborate together and grow the Australian names of swimwear. With the fashion world being so closed off we also plan to create open source information through creative working spaces and creative collaborations.

Being female we also know what it is like to try and find that bikini that hugs all the right places and feels good against your skin. It’s an emotional journey that sometimes ends in tears, fluorescent change rooms have never been a good friend of mine, it is never a good time!

We want to change this experience; we want to be able to have showrooms and custom tailoring for more personal shopping experiences, also welcoming artificial intelligence into the mix for online shopping (should our long-term goals allow for the grandeur of our dreams).

We are aiming to radical change the model that is swimwear shopping. Bikinis are our religion but we also believe in innovation and technology, and through business, we aren’t scared to marry the two worlds together.

We also have an aim to change the fashion game in regards to the ethical fashion debate. We want to change the public image of what fast fashion and mass consumerism is doing to our environment and to the human society. We want to educate our consumers and our community on how their fashion is made and where it is sourced.

We want to partner with Australian organisations that are fighting the ethical fashion concerns. Also partnering with creatives and businesses that are putting processes in to place to change production and manufacturing, helping to find better factories to work with. Both in regards to ethical fashion and innovation. We know it won’t change overnight, but change only has to start with one person. You.

We are really excited to say that we are looking into getting a start on a recycling program for old and used swimwear and lingerie within Australia.

We have big grandeur plans and dreams with what we want to create and build for the swimwear community, but without giving too much away, we just wanted to give you some insight into who we are and what we believe, and the changes that we are dreaming of.

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